What is an Elbow Union and how to work

Stainless Steel Union Elbow F/F F/M

An elbow union is a type of pipe fitting that allows for a change in the direction of the piping system. It is designed to facilitate a change in the flow direction of fluids (liquids or gases) within a pipeline.

Elbow unions are typically curved and come in various angles, most commonly 90 degrees and 45 degrees, although other angles are also available. They are used when a change in the direction of flow is needed, allowing pipes to be connected at different angles instead of in a straight line.

These fittings are widely used in pipelines of different diameters, and can be also be used water meters and valves. Due to the socket structure, the pipe joint reducs the cost, installation, use, maintenance is very convenient, but also has very high leakage prevention ability, very market prospects.

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